Financial Performance Of Asx A2 Milk

The year 2018 has become very profitable for the a2 milk company as the share price of the asx a2 milk has increased by eighteen percent over the year making it’s for the year return to forty six percent. Even though the gain is a lot for the company, it’s still not late for the investors to put in their money on this company as an investment. The financial performance of the company can be measured by the following ways. 

  1. Chinese Sales

The rival of A2 milk company, Bellamy’s Australia Ltd. Dropped it’s profitably badly in the Chinese market at the end of last year, the a2 milk company grew simultaneously. The company has increased its sales by a percentage of 348 particularly in china and Asia. The main reason for such profitability of the company was its online sales where the sales volume of the company doubled on year on year basis on the event of Chinese Singles Day. This event made it amongst the top infant milk formula in the online market. 

  1. Chinese Tail Winds

Despite the amazing financial performance and increase in the sales and profitability of the company, the a2 milk company believes that their market share is still just 2.6%. Talking from the investor view point, one can see it as an opportunity and see it as a room for growth. This can be seen as an opportunity mainly due to the increasing size of the middle class families in the Chinese market. According to the research conducted by many researcher, it is said that by the year 2022, most of the china will have 76% of the people in the middle class category. Specially, considering the withdrawn of one child policy, there is a major chance of increase in middle class families leading to an increase in the use of infant milk formula.  

  1. Value for Money

Comparing the other companies of the same dairy industry, the a2 milk share price might seem to be expensive to most investors than the market average rate, the increase in growth justifies the premium amount. With the financial performance of the company increasing at this rate, one can confidently say that the company will easily be able to deliver another hit in terms of profitability in the upcoming year as well. It is due to the above reasons why one should consider getting their hands on the shares of a2 Milk Company. The financial position of the company is pretty strong and in the near future one can really see it growing and seizing the market share so what are you waiting for? Diversify your investment portfolio by investing in this company’s shares. For more information, please log on to