What Are The Best Sushi You Can Try?

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What Are The Best Sushi You Can Try?

September 23, 2015 Food Suppliers 0

Usually the Japanese people make six different types of sushi. But depending on the area you live and the bar you are visiting- you have to choose from the platters that they are catering. The most common form is the Maki. Sticky rice, salt, vinegar, sugar to taste along with other filling are wrapped with a portion of seaweed. These are called the Maki rolls. But for your information, the taste of the authentic Maki can only depend on the maker and how that has been seasoned.

Nigiri is one of the ‘top of the charts’ of sushi delivery. Here, fresh fish, meat or shrimp are pressed on a mould of sticky sushi rice. If you are a beginner, it’s always suggested to stick to Maki rolls and Nigiri rice mounds. This is one of the most common things that people in the west are suggested whenever they are hoping sushi bars. Visit this link http://sushihub.com.au/locations/ for more details on sushi delivery in North Sydney.

Coming to the most traditional sushi- all the rolls are stuffed with raw fish. But this can also be replaced with any kind of meat. For your information, Tuna is one of the hot favorite delicacies when it comes to sushi. If you are a beginner- you can’t miss out the Tuna Maki Rolls if you are a sushi delivery at your place or work. You can get fresh Tuna seasoned with salt, sugar, vinegar on top of a small portion of rice mould and wrapped in the dark green seaweed- this is the Tuna Maki Roll. The best combination will be in Tuna, cucumber, and avocado.

If you are a true Salmon lover- replace Tuna with Salmon. For your information, Salmon is one of the most known fishes that are loved being eaten raw. Therefore, why not in the sushi? Taste the fish raw lay on the bed of the sticky rice and beginners will neither hate that combo.

Try Salmon Temki if you are placing order for sushi with friends. You will find leafy veggies combined with eggs in the wraps. That is one of the hottest ones that is mostly ordered when people are having fun with friends and frolic. Try it with some amazing Sake to get the best fervor with friends.

We also have something to share to the shusi haters. You will always have a spoilsport in the group or it can also be possible that you haven’t tried sushi before—in such situation best you guys opt for Shrimp Nigiri. You can also ask for the rich flavored mackerel on the Nigiri but only if it is ok for you!