Trend Setting Changes In Restaurants

Today there are several changes taking place in the hospitality sector, especially in restaurants, in response to the economic, health and other challenges that are being faced. As a result, you might find several startling changes like the suited maitre becoming a virtual one while the other casual eating places remove the sitting options for the health benefits of their guests.

Standing cafes
Among the trend setting global changes that are coming about in restaurants, there is one aspect that is surfacing from workplace changes as well. The sitting options are being removed for the people. Many offices are offering high tables for the people to stand and work which has revealed several health benefits. Not only does it promote circulation, more movement of people and a way to stay fit and active as well. The same is being incorporated in many eating places too. You need not be surprised when you find function rooms in Sydney West having only high tables for the patrons to eat from and then to move out.

Moving onto virtual waiters
With the increasing costs of hiring well trained and professional waiters at the fine dining places, many are opting for virtual applications instead. Some restaurants in Penrith NSW might soon take on the trend as seen in New York and Los Angeles of having a life sized screens where a handsome maitre d’ approaches the guests, greets them and then turns to show them the table.

Food markets
There is another trend emerging among the growing community of chefs and food entrepreneurs. In order to cut establishment costs and increase daily sales, many are opting for stalls in food markets. The food festivals that are unique and once a year affairs might become a weekly or daily affair as well. In this way food markets might well be on the way to becoming more common in your city. These will then be cheaper options for people, who can stop by for snacks or meals on the go and pick up from the different varieties available. Something that is common in many South East Asian countries is soon to catch up in Australian cities.

Masa in different forms
For those who are always out to check out new tastes and ingredients, they will find masa as the new dough that is being used in many restaurants across the world and finding its way in Australian cities. It is nutty smelling dough made from dried corn and associated with Mexican food. If you love the Mexican theme foods, you are sure to find more varieties of Mexican dishes with masa right in the center of it. Whether you are in Penrith, Melbourne or any other city, you can be sure to spot these trends becoming evident in the eating places.

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