Now Go For Dark Chocolate Without Any Worry

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Now Go For Dark Chocolate Without Any Worry

July 29, 2015 Uncategorized 0

There is no doubt that in general people love sweets. Yet we have to get cautious and be extra mindful when we eat them as the more sweets we indulge in the more we get closer to a flotilla of health diseases and ailments.

However we bring good news to you as you can now freely buy best dark chocolate in Australia, we mean ‘DARK’ ones and eat them more frequently as and when you wish to. They contain a very critical substance called flavonoids which is hugely responsible for anti-oxidant action. The reason why so much stress is given upon anti-oxidants is because they are so useful in flushing out free oxygen radicals who floats all around our system and it also is useful in burning out the body cells too. We start to age quickly due to the presence of these free radicals that move around in our system. It actually contains around eight times more anti-oxidants which is quite equal to strawberries. Not only does it help to effectively get you freed from anti-oxidants they are quite useful in regulating blood pressure since it assists in the production of nitric oxide. It is also been observed that it helps you to get rid of LDL (bad) cholesterol up to 10% from the system. So, is it not a boon and not much of a menace for your body?

When we say that you can now buy dark hot chocolate and eat them as an when you want you sure must be wondering about the portion of fat content present in it as chocolates are known to raise your weight faster than you even imagined. Well to get your thoughts lucid and clear there are three kinds of fat that is present in chocolates that are dark. Two of them in every way do not spread dangerous cholesterol in your body, that are stearic and oleic acid. Remember that you consume not more than 100 grams every day so that you can gain the healthiest and valuable benefits out of it. But remember not to augment more than this portion else you will have to pay off back the increase of excess energy by consuming other food a little lesser in portion.

Chocolates that are dark come with a bit of bitter taste as they contain cocoa in larger portions. However, now you need not be worried about it as they are made in a much creamier way.
You must have also heard about the increase of chronic inflammation and how unfortunate it is that it affects the entire body most particularly the heart region. But when you eat in control that is darker chocolates it will help to keep your heart protected and will reduce heart related diseases.

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