Get Two Easy Recipes With Sausage

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Get Two Easy Recipes With Sausage

July 2, 2015 Food Suppliers 0

Are you looking for some easy recipes with sausage for weeknight dinner? Well, you have come to the right place. Not just a single one, you will get two mouthwatering recipes here. They are tasty, healthy as well as hearty. No matter whether you are in the office or busy with children and husband on holidays, you need to spend just a few minutes and your dish will be ready.

Before we start, one more important fact you must know i.e. with these easy to cook recipes you can win the hearts of the members of your loving family and manage your ‘me’ time more efficiently. Thanks to the popularity of online shopping you will get sausages from providers in sausage making supplies at Smoked & Cured.

Sausages are easy to get in the market or stores and they are available in your kitchen throughout the whole year. So whenever you need, you can go for these following recipes. Do not forget to look out for the stores that have a name in sausage making supplies.

We assure that these recipes will be both delicious and nutritious for your children and less time consuming for you. And when your kids will be happy to have these dishes, you are happier naturally.

  • Shrimps with sausage: You can enjoy this easy to cook dish with white rice. So, cook the rice beforehand. Sausage, onions, roasted tomatoes, peeled shrimps (medium & deveined), peas (frozen), kosher salt, olive oil and black pepper- these ingredients you will need for this preparation. First the sausages are to be broken into pieces and they are stirred with onion for about ten minutes. The tomatoes with juice, peas and shrimps are to be added next with some salt and black pepper as per taste. Simmer the heat and stir for maximum five minutes. When the sauce gets thickened, your dish is ready to serve over the rice.
  • Sausage with tarragon and white beans: Another delicious recipe is presented for you. It will consume just about thirty minutes. You will need small sausages, olive oil, thin sliced carrots, medium sized onion (chopped), and rinsed white beans, fresh tarragon, kosher salt, black pepper and dry white wine. Here also you have to cook the sausages for ten minutes first and then after five minutes of cooking you have to cut them into pieces. Next in the remaining oil, the sliced carrots and chopped onions are cooked (for eight to ten minutes) with salt and black pepper as per taste. When these vegetables are prepared, the white beans and wine are added. After adding the white wine and white beans, simmer the heat for five minutes. As soon as the mixture is ready, you have to fold them in the sliced pieces of sausage and fresh tarragon. Now your Sausage with tarragon and white beans is ready to serve.