For The Love Of Fish And Meat

With a vast ocean and land on Earth, the varieties of food out there are of sheer volume. Fish and meat in particular are plentiful ranging from trout, haddock, salmon and tuna to beef, chicken, pork and duck which is just the tip of the iceberg but some of the more common ones. Fish and meat contain lots of good proteins and vitamins that are healthy and beneficial to you and should be a part of a balanced diet. Oily fish in particular are hailed for heart health and other diseases.
A FISHY SITUATIONFish is a food that depends entirely on personal preference. Products of the deep seas that surround us, many are put off by the pungent smell they emit which makes it impossible for them to even consider eating it. Others however consider the preparation of fish a form of culinary art if you will, and immerse themselves in the study of different species to gain a better understanding of how they are best prepared. Should they be boiled? Fried? Marinated? Perhaps a little bit of everything? Top chefs in the industry in particular a fish and meat restaurant, take all of these into consideration including what wines would pair well with a particular dish.
MEATIER CHOICESWhilst most fish eaters are also meat eaters, occasionally you find someone who eats one but not the other. This may be due to personal preference or even allergies which many people experience especially with seafood. Chicken is one of the most commonly consumed meats in the world followed by beef and pork although pork also poses some restrictions for those of the Islamic faith. Alternate meat options are available however with duck, lamb and mutton for those who enjoy them as well as ox, quail and geese for less common options. Different types of meat have different compositions which affects how they are absorbed by your body. They are also prepared in varying styles across the globe depending which area the dish is prepared in.
THE GOODNESS OF FISH AND MEATRegardless of how you like to consume them, both fish and meat are plentiful in vitamins and minerals and can be immensely beneficial to your body. Oily fish in particular contain fatty acids such as Omega 3 which are great for your health. Red meats such as beef are rich in iron which help maintain your strength. When selecting a good fish and meat restaurant for a dinner out, check how clean and hygienic they are. Fish and meat rot easily and if proper sanitation methods are not implemented, bacteria can spread and cause illnesses.
FOR THE LOVE OF FOODIf you are partial to a particular type of fish or meat and don’t like how it’s prepared, for example if you prefer chicken in chili and garlic sauce as opposed to Szechwan, enquire at your restaurant if they may be able to fire this up for you… after all, nothing ventured nothing gained! You can also ask them for particular cuts of beef as some are higher in fat than others. So if you are looking to indulge yet want do so healthily, always ask. Sometimes they are able to accommodate your request.

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