A Healthy Drink We Might Fall In Love With

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A Healthy Drink We Might Fall In Love With

November 13, 2015 Food Suppliers 0

One of the healthiest drinks everyone should try is matcha. It can give an special powdered green tea which is not strained when consuming, unlike the usual tea that come in tea bags. Due to that the complete tea leaves are ingested, providing many nutrients in addition to minerals and vitamins. Matcha contains Polyphenols which are antioxidants that prevents heart disease and cancer while improving the blood flow and reducing the blood pressure. It is also said that matcha makes a person feel as well as look younger. This powder has many more health benefits such as burning calories while boosting metabolism, helping to concentrate while relaxing the body and mind. Matcha tea can be prepared very easily and matcha powder can be used to prepare other food as well. So matcha can be used in your day to day food preparations in order to have healthy food and drinks.

The history behind it

A native Chinese tea plant known as “Camellia Sinensis” is known as the original tea plant. Likewise China is believed to be the inventor of green tea. However the special matcha green tea powder is said to be originated in Japan. The meaning of the word “Matcha” is powdered tea. The Chinese monk Eisai who had bought Zen Buddhism to Japan has also introduced green tea preparation methods to Japan. This is how matcha has come in use at the popular tea ceremony mainly practiced at Zen monasteries.

The production line

There is an interesting as well as a unique way when it comes to the production of matcha green tea powder. The tea plants are shaded for approximately 20 days prior to harvesting. This is done to block direct sunlight to reduce the level of photosynthesis and to increase the level of theanine. Then when harvesting, the finest young leaves are carefully picked. Next the leaves are steamed and then air dried by laying the leaves flat, which will eventually crumble and this is called “tencha”. When tencha is ground, it becomes matcha.

Why is it popular?

Today everyone who hears about matcha, wants to try it out and many who does, continues using it. The reason is match is a healthy food item that has almost zero calories which improves metabolism and helps to burn unwanted fat. Using matcha is a great way to loose weight with no side effects unlike many other pharmaceuticals out there for weight loss. The normal matcha tea preparation is also very intriguing. The matcha powder is mixed with hot water in a bowl by whisking. Though this is the traditional method, many use the same method today, because this way it gives a creamy effect along with its sweet taste.