5 Beef Recipes To Try Before You Die

There’s nothing like good beef to please the insatiable carnivore in all of us. I’m not talking about the preservatives laden pink slime. I’m talking about fresh beef cooked to perfection. Forget the 2-minute microwaveable meals and try one of these mouth-watering dishes at home or at a good restaurant: 1. Beef and beer pie Are you one of the cool people who enjoy hanging out with friends over burgers and beers? Innovatively combine these two beloved creations and you get beef and beer pie—the best thing ever to exist on earth. For best results, marinate the steak for at least 18 hours in home-brewed beer. You can switch the beer with aged ale or scotch for a touch of old-school flavour. 2. Ultimate steak Nothing beats a classic steak cooked over actual fire. Choose rib-eye cuts for juicy texture bursting with creamy fat. Beef fillets will do if you prefer leaner cuts. Grill and garnish with sprig herbs to increase the flavour or you can cook in a frying pan with some butter and garlic. The trick is to cook it right. It’s recommended to cook each side between one and two minutes. You can serve with vegetables of your choice and red wine sauce. 3. Southern Meatloaf This is an original American dish from the southern states you can enjoy from anywhere in the world. Meatloaf is the staple dish, along with burgers and beers, at powwows in Louisiana and South Carolina, two states famous for their extremely non-vegetarian cuisine. What makes southern meatloaf so special (and delicious) is the addition of Creole and Greek seasonings with a hint of garlic. Worcestershire sauce is used to instead of traditional ketchup to up the flavour. 4. Beef curry Step out of your comfort zone and try some Asian beef curry bursting with spices and exotic aromas. There are different types of curry recipes you can try from various regions. To really taste those fiery spices, try Indian beef curry with generous amounts of chilli, cumin, lemongrass and saffron. For a thick, creamy gravy you can dip bread in, go for Thai green curry beef. The Japanese curry version is the lightest and the easiest to make: just put everything in a pot and cook until tender. 5. Orange beef Another unique recipe from Asia, orange beef is easy on the spices and is much sweeter than the curry versions. Get stripes of beef and marinate them in orange juice or concentrate, rice vinegar, salt and soy sauce. It will taste all the more better if you can get organic soy sauce. After about 12 hours, coat the beef in cornstarch and fry in a saucepan. Heat a new batch of oil and add the beef, orange zest, ginger and garlic and cook until syrupy. Serve with rice and steamed broccoli.

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